First let me thank you for coming and reading my blog, welcome to my humble blog ^-^
People say life begin at the age of thirty, I think that's really happening to me. Around this age I started writing this blog, travel to distant countries, learn photography, learn to swim and many other things I haven't done earlier. Probably some of you think it's too late to start at this age, but on my own opinion it's never too late to start and learn new things at any age as long as you commit and willing to put all your heart in doing it. And some other will say that I can do it all because I'm still single, a late bloomer perhaps. I will not judge them back, cause there are many great moms out there who's still pursuing their dreams too.

So, want to know more about me? Born and raised in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. Both my parents met in this exact city to pursue their dreams when they're young. My brother and I has the mix blood of Banjarmasin (South Kalimantan) from my Mom and Padang (West Sumatra) from my Dad. My hobbies? Of course writing, like I'm doing right now. Drawing and taking pictures (photography), same as writing because a picture tell a story also. Travelling, reading romantic novels, watching movies, playing games (not a hardcore, just a regular player). Currently I'm working as a Senior Programmer at a distribution company (not far from writing, but in this case writing programming language).

I guess that's all I can describe about myself right now, feel free to read all my journey in this blog. Critiques and comments also welcome.

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